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TACRIG vs. Leather

By December 13, 2023Articles, Blog

If you have recently purchased a new gun, or you are new to the gun community, one question you may be asking yourself is what kind of holster is the best?

There are so many different styles and materials of holsters that the only correct answer to this question is that you must find what holster is best for you. To do this, you need to compare the different styles. Let’s take a close look at leather holsters and how they compare to the holsters we build at

1. Comfort: Leather holsters are known for their comfort, especially when worn against the body. Over time, they tend to conform to the shape of the firearm, making them a popular option for people who carry their weapon for extended periods of time. At we aim for this same comfort by building our IWB holsters on a flat backer that rests against your body. (picture of the backer) This backer is built to flex, and move with the shape of your body for a comfortable carry experience.
2. Aesthetics: Leather holsters are often favored for their classic and timeless appearance. They can be polished and finished to look elegant. Our holsters have more of a modern tactical look to them and provide elegance through engineering and technology.
3. Silent Draw: Leather holsters tend to be quieter during the draw, as they don’t produce the same level of noise as a thermoplastic holsters option.
4. Retention: Leather holsters often rely on friction and retention straps for firearm retention. While some users may find these retention methods secure, at Tacrig we make every holster to the exact specifications of your gun. This means that you can turn your holster upside down and shake it and your gun is not going to fall out due to the excellent retention that is built into every one of our holsters.
5. Maintenance: Leather holsters require more maintenance than synthetic materials like Boltaron. They can be sensitive to moisture and may require regular conditioning to prevent cracking and wear. Leather holsters are formed using heat and moisture. When a leather holster is carried in a concealed position it is exposed to the body’s heat and sweat. Over time the leather holster could soften and stretch and could possibly allow for unplanned contact with the trigger which could cause an accidental discharge of the weapon.
6. Durability: Boltaron holsters are known for their durability and resistance to wear and tear. They can withstand exposure to moisture and harsh environmental conditions better than leather.
7. Customization: Boltaron holsters are typically easier to customize in terms of shape and design. They can be molded precisely to fit a specific firearm model, which can enhance retention and ease of draw.
8. Weight: Boltaron holsters are usually lighter than leather holsters, which can be an advantage for those who want to minimize the weight they carry.

So, what is the best holster option? If you say Leather, in many ways you are not wrong. If you like the nostalgia of leather and are willing to maintain it and are prepared to replace it when it breaks down, then leather is an amazing option. If you are looking for a maintenance free- durable option that not only protects your gun but protects you from accidental discharge in all situations the choice is clear, go with a trusted, reliable, option; go with Tacrig.

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