Staccato Rear Sight Plug Screw – SCS 320 BUDS Add-on

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Includes 1 plug screw to be used with the HOLOSUN SCS 320 optic and BUDS backup sights. This will prevent dirt and debris from getting into your firing pin channel.

Black Oxide Coated

***VERY IMPORTANT*** Use a small amount of thread locker and only thread into hole until head sits flush with top of slide. If you tighten down until the screw stops you have hit your firing pin. Your gun will not fire properly.


Based on 2 reviews
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  1. 405xshot (verified owner)

  2. Matt Schubkegel (verified owner)

    Zero instructions included. Installed the screw with thread locker. Went to the range and the gun wouldn’t fire. I had snugged the screw down which means it locks against the firing pin spring. Glad I went to the range and didn’t trust this as my carry gun. I’m assuming I’m only supposed to install it flush like the picture on the website and hope that threadlocker holds it forever.

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