M4 Torx Plus Flat Head Screws – Springfield Hellcat/Hellcat Pro – DIRECT MOUNT HOLOSUN EPS/EPS CARRY

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2 Pack – M4 Screw

Perfect for mounting the EPS/EPS Carry to the Springfield Armory Hellcat and Hellcat Pro without an adapter plate.

May work with other gun/optics too.

NOTE: To keep pricing down we generally do not use a tracking number on hardware only orders.

Based on 6 reviews
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  1. E (verified owner)

    This takes the worry out of filing screws to the correct length. Worked for a 507K on a HCP.

  2. Mohammad (verified owner)

    Fits the 507k on my Hellcat Pro flush! Same bit as the Holosun screws so you can also use the adjustment tool provided with the optic to remove and install it. 100% worth it!

  3. John (verified owner)

    These were the perfect solution for my mounting the 507K on my HCP! They are the correct length so no modifications needed! 100% worth it!

  4. River Mathis (verified owner)

    Fit my hellcat pro perfect

  5. Kevin Hill (verified owner)

    Very satisfied… exactly what I needed . No plate used and now I can use my sights if needed…

  6. curtis (verified owner)

    These screws are the perfect length for hellcat and pro using EPS carry. I like the head size fits great sealing off all areas where dirt and dust would collect. These are as pictured. To install the optic without the plate you will need to remove both rear post.

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