M3 Torx Plus Flat Head Screws – Sig Sauer P365/P365XL/P365-XMACRO

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2 Pack – M3

Perfect for mounting the EPS/EPS Carry to the Sig Sauer P365, P365X, P365XL, and P365-XMACRO.

May work with other gun/optics too.

NOTE: To keep pricing down we generally do not use a tracking number on hardware only orders.

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Thread SizeM3
Thread Pitch0.5 mm
Length8 mm
ThreadingFully Threaded
Head Diameter6.72 mm
Head Height1.86 mm
Countersink Angle90°
StyleTorx Plus
SizeIP10, T10
MaterialBlack-Oxide Alloy Steel
Fastener Strength Grade/ClassClass 12.9
HardnessRockwell C38
Tensile Strength140,000 psi
Thread TypeMetric
Thread SpacingCoarse
Thread FitClass 4g6g
Thread DirectionRight Hand
Head TypeFlat
Flat Head ProfileStandard
System of MeasurementMetric
Specifications MetASME B18.3.5M
RoHSRoHS 3 (2015/863/EU) Compliant
REACHREACH (EC 1907/2006) (07/08/2021, 219 SVHC) Compliant
DFARSSpecialty Metals Compliant (252.225-7009)
Country of OriginUnited States
USMCA QualifyingNo
Schedule B731815.9000

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  1. Adam (verified owner)

    I contacted Tacrig prior to making my purchase. They communicated VERY fast and they were friendly. The screws are perfect and allowed me to mount my EPS Carry from Holosun directly on my P365X without using the adapter plate. This was necessary as the screws that come with the firearm and with the red dot do not fit. These worked perfect. Thanks!

  2. Scott (verified owner)

    Exactly what i needed to mount my esp carry.

  3. Kerns (verified owner)

    Screws fit perfectly to mount my EPS carry.

  4. Bruce Bradshaw (verified owner)

    These worked perfect for me to mount the EPS Carry on a P365xl so I didn’t have to use the plate that was provided by Holosun.

  5. Lisa (verified owner)

    Contacted Tacrig for the M3 Torx Plus Flat Head screws to fit a P365-XMaco. The screws fit great for mounting of red dot.

  6. Gregory Hood (verified owner)

    Yes, screws allowed to mount EPS Carry to P365XL slide!

  7. Downrange (verified owner)

    These are the screws you want (EPS Carry). The QVO’s have an Allen head size that’s waiting to be stripped (and now I understand why they don’t show you the head surface in their pics…unless they decided to wise up and use a different screw since writing this) due to its embarrassingly small Allen head size, regardless of only needing 10-12 ftlbs. ALL others, except Holosun and Tacrig, have angled heads that are barely wider than the threaded body and provide very little angled area to “bite” the dots holes. Holosun and Tacrig have heads that are wide, which is why the dimensions are proudly shown for these screws, and the others say nothing. I went ahead and bought and tried a few screws from different sources because I’m picky….and they went in the trash. Only Holosun’s or Tacrig screws on my edc’s and range guns from now on. I’m a nobody who just likes to shoot when I can, have and use nice guns and gear, and gets tired of hype that’s false no matter how small the item.

  8. Chris Auza (verified owner)

    Screw are the perfect length to mount the eps carry to my sig xmacro without having to use the adapter plate. Able to cowitness iron sights much easier now

  9. Bill (verified owner)

    Worked great for mounting a Holosun EPS Carry to my Sig P365XL

  10. D (verified owner)

    Tacrig sent the screws in a timely manner and they fit perfectly on a P365 X Macro. Also a plus that the screws were clean and made in the USA unlike Holosun’s screws. Couldn’t have been a better experience.

  11. Myles (verified owner)

    Ordered a Holosun EPS Carry and none of the screws that came with it worked with my SIG P365 XMACRO without using the adaptor plate. These screws from TACRIG worked perfect and allowed me to mount the optic without the adaptor plate and I can now see the stock sights through the optic. Screws are well made and you can use the tool that came from Holosun to tighten them. Very happy with my purchase!

  12. Phillip Smith (verified owner)

    Excellent product and preformed as expected on 365 X Macro mounting the EPS Carry without the plate. So far so good on not walking out. Thank You!

  13. Aaron Strong (verified owner)

    Perfect fit for p365 with holosun eps without the adaptor plate

  14. John Alexander (verified owner)

    Fast service, quick shipping and great product!

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