Holosun SCS-320 Replacement Screws (short)

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  1. Jesus Zambrano (verified owner)

    So far so good, after stripping the cheaply made Holosun provided screws I was lucky enough to find these. Although I haven’t shot the gun yet I wanted to confirm that so far fitment is good albeit the screw sticks out a little more than the OEM ones. Not an issue though as it sticks out but not enough to be seen when looking at the dot. They are definitely higher quality than what was provided and am happy with them so far.

    Do yourself a favor and buy 2 sets just in case you ever need to replace them or get another SCS 320.

  2. Ron A. (verified owner)

    The Holosun screws that were provided for my SCS-320-GR I ended up stripping. Glad I found these replacement screws!!!

  3. Ron (verified owner)

    After stripping the screws provided by Holosun. I need replacements fast. Glad I was able to find these replacement screws perfect fit!!!

  4. Max (verified owner)

    Great replacement screws. Ordered two sets to replace the factory ones and have a spare after one of the factory Holosun screws sheered off while shooting. These have a larger head which seems sturdier than the original ones. They don’t countersink as much, which is fine cause they don’t obstruct the window. Would recommend.

  5. Luis Schmitzberger (verified owner)

    Premium product to replace marginal Holosun SCS screws that broke. The difference in quality is visually noticeable!

  6. Jay (verified owner)

    These screws are a perfect fit!

  7. Irving Lugo (verified owner)

    These screws feel really well made compared to the ones that came with the optic. Like most on here, one of the original screws sheared off while shooting.
    Can’t wait for the loctite to dry so I can take to the range again. This time I’ll be more confident shooting my Xten. Question I have, do I torque to the same 15 lbs as Holosun states in instructions?

  8. Lon Glaze (verified owner)

    Much better quality than Holosun supplied screws!

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