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Uses the same hardware as the plastic clips that ship with the TACRIG FLEX holster system.

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  • HLR Discreet Gear Clips™ have THE highest clamping force in the industry, even at the minimalist thickness of .025″ and width of .624″.
  • Made from our own 10XX steel alloy purpose built specifically for this application adding strength and ductility.
  • From cold rolling to deburring, all metal forming for the entire HLR Discreet Gear Clipline is done in-house giving our experienced team full control of all manufacturing processes.
  • Provides rock solid retention, whether worn over a belt, behind a belt so it cannot be seen or as a standalone attached to clothing or other gear.
  • Our underhook design has a built in progressive strain relief. In the event it sees a large amount of force, this strain relief allows it to gradually bend while continuing to hold instead of just hitting its limit and breaking.
  • Streamlined design and geometry to remove weak points while increasing the overall strength of the clip.
  • Smallest possible footprint to eliminate extra bulk and snag points.
  • Varied sizes, geometries, and mounting patterns all readily available to the consumer to enhance the capability of existing supporting equipment.
  • Options: upgrading from your existing plastic or metal clips is easy. We have hole configurations and lengths to integrate with popular holsters as a direct replacement with more to come.
  • Stays where you put it. Whether it’s a force on force/combatives training environment or out on the street in a real world scenario, HLR Discreet Gear Clipsprovide high clamping force and rock solid retention.
  • Peace of mind. Whether running, jumping, climbing, swimming, rolling around on the ground or just doing yard work, HLR Clips™ keepyour equipment in locked place during all of your day to day activities. Where you put it is where it stays.
  • Extremely low profile. No extra bulk compared to polymer clips that rely on mass and thickness for strength. HLR Discreet Gear Clipssit flat against the body and keep the silhouette of what is under your cover garment unobtrusive and out of sight.
  • From the raw material to the old fashioned equipment they are made with, every aspect of our clips aside from surface finishing (which is done at a local vendor that we qualified) are 100% made in house by skilled hands in the USA by merging old world craftsmanship with cutting edge technology.

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