Backup Deck Sight (BUDS) for HOLOSUN SCS 320 Rear Sight



This patent pending design allows you to add a backup sight to your Holosun SCS 320 optic without adding an adapter plate or interfering with the optic mounting system.

Our BUDS sights will piggyback on the SCS 320 optic deck using a second screw that attaches into our specially designed optic mount screw.

What’s included:

  • Qty 2 – SCS-320 Screws
  • Qty 2 – SCS-320 Sight Screws
  • Qty 1 – SCS-320 Rear Sight (height of your choice)
  • Qty 1 – Thread Locker

Select your front sight height below and we will send you the right rear sight for your setup.

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SCS-320 Screws

  • Alloy steel SCM435
  • Heat treated to a strength grade 12.9
  • Black Oxide plated to deter rust and erosion
  • Torx T15 Drive (15inch/lbs)

SCS-320 Backup Sight

  • High impact polymer (metal version coming soon)
  • Available at several different sight heights

SCS-320 Sight Screw

  • Hex Socket 1.5 Drive
  • M1.6
  • Strength grade 12.9
  • Black Oxide coated
  • Alloy Steel

Note for Staccato users: to determine what size front sight you have Staccato has provided the following information. Also, Staccato users will want to order our rear sight plug.

Fiber Color: RED = Compact/Carry | GREEN = Full Size

The C2 and CS front sight heights are .140″ for compact or .265″ for the full size.

The P, XC, and XL only come with a .285″ full size sight.

Additional information

Front Sight Height

Staccato CS/C2 .140", Staccato CS/C2 .265", Staccato P/XL/XC .285", SIG Suppressor Height .339", SIG .215", SIG .374"

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