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New blog post up. Check it out! Why Tacrig? It’s just another K…

By August 28, 2023Articles
New blog post up. Check it out!

Why Tacrig? It’s just another Kydex holster, right?
This is one of the most common questions that we get asked. To be honest, it’s a fair question. Anyone who knows anything about guns knows that you need a good holster for your gun in order to conceal it well, carry it safely, and do all of this comfortably. Many times to be able to achieve these goals you end up buying multiple holsters to be able to carry different guns in your collection or carry in different positions. Our original design came from a frustrated gun collector who had the “box of shame” in his garage, you know the box of holsters that you have purchased over the years with hopes that you had found a holster to meet all of your needs. While many of these may be good, they may only be good for one purpose, position, or model of firearm, so it ends up in a box in your garage.
It was this very concept that drove the owner of Tacrig to design a unique modular holster system. We are not just another Kydex holster. Our holsters are fully functional systems that can be used for everyday carry as well as a safe storage option for any gun in your collection whether subcompact or a full-size model.
Our system starts with a bendable, breathable backer.

The backer has a universal mounting pattern with our 4- quick connect/disconnect pins. This mounting hardware has been tested to have a tension strength of 1000 pounds both vertically and horizontally. This strength provides you the reliability that your holster is not going to fall apart when you most need it. Every shell has built-in retention that will hold your weapon safely in place through all kinds of carry options.

The system is not only reliable but convenient by allowing the shell (which is made for your gun model specifically) to quickly be attached to the backer or switched out with another model of a gun shell on the fly with no tools necessary. Every shell is molded from a material called Boltaron and has been heat-tested and cold-tested to maintain its integrity. The OWB option is where the shell can have belt loops attached to the quick connect/disconnect and can be carried concealed outside of the waistband.
The shells come in different color options as well as being optic ready, suppressor height site ready, and threaded barrel ready from the factory. Do you carry a compensator or a light on your weapon? Not a problem, when you place your order through just let us know that as well as what light you are running and that can be ordered at checkout. At the end of the day, our holsters can come off-body and the shell can be mounted directly to your safe door, nightstand, metal toolbox, or refrigerator with our mounting hardware.

If you ever need to carry your weapon in a backpack, drop leg, chest rig, or other off-body applications we have multiple systems that our holster can integrate into.

Our goal is to eliminate every gun owner’s “box of shame” and to provide a system that will meet every need that you may have.


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