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Last weekend, I had the privilege of presenting the TACRIG system to John Correi…

By March 26, 2021Articles

Last weekend, I had the privilege of presenting the TACRIG system to John Correia of Active Self Protection.
This is why I decided to create this company:
Four years ago, I purchased the last holster I will ever buy. I was getting tired of spending my money on holsters that ended up in a box in my garage….a box that many of you have. John Correia calls his the box of shame.

I knew there had to be something better out there. I wanted flexibility and a modular design. I searched, but I never found anything acceptable.

The more that I thought about it, I realized that every gun has the same basic shape. I thought that I could come up with something innovative for this industry.

I started doing a lot of research, and I made a list of all of the issues with current holsters. I came across John Correia’s video.

1. Trigger completely covered
2. Gun held securely
3. Access gun reliably

I used this list and a few other things as a checklist for my design.

Once I got started, I realized that I could add some additional features. I prefer to carry a smaller gun during the summer when I’m in shorts and a T-shirt, and a bigger gun when I’m working security at my church.

I wanted one holster that accommodated both big and small, and could easily switch from IWB to OWB without pulling out any tools.

Four years later, after tons of prototypes, testing and bringing in hardware from literally all over the world, I came up with the TACRIG modular holster system.

Not only IWB/OWB, but it also works with every semi-auto on the market. Now I know what you’re thinking. Red flag! A “universal holster” is generally a bad idea. This is different.

Our holsters protect your trigger both front and rear. Also, I believe it is the safest holster on the market. Most negligent discharges happen when the gun is out of the holster. With our system, your gun never has to leave the shell unless you are using it.
When moving your firearm from your person to any other position the trigger stays covered. The holster shell even attaches to your gun safe door.

We have about 40 other accessories on the website or in development right now. These will all work with our quick attachment system and provide more ways to conceal or store your gun.

Keep an eye out for more exciting products being released almost every week. We are excited to finally show this innovation to the gun community!
Active Self Protection


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