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HOLOSUN SCS 320 BUDS Backup Deck Sight

By December 13, 2023Articles, Blog

Do you love the Holosun SCS 320, but don’t love the fact that you must give up your rear sight in order to use it?
TACRIG, a trusted retailer of all things Holosun, has created a solution called the BUDS (Back Up Deck Sight). This patent pending design allows you to add a backup sight to your Holosun SCS 320 optic without adding an adapter plate or interfering with the optic mounting system.

The BUDS sights will piggyback on the SCS 320 optic deck using a second screw that attaches into the specially designed optic mount screw. The BUDS has been range tested and is both a durable and reliable rear site option. BUDS is not glued on or held on with a clip but is instead screwed directly to the optic. Since it is held on with the specially designed screw it does not reduce the view in the optic window or void the warranty of the optic in any way.

For $24.99 you get the back up deck sight, the appropriate screws to mount it, as well as thread locker.

The BUDS can be ordered for several different front sight heights. Upon placing your order on the website, it will prompt you to select the front sight height that is appropriate for the specific gun that you are using.

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